Shin Takamatsu Architect and Associates Co.,Ltd.

Singular Architecture

Every architecture’s place and moment in time, and certainly every client, differs completely from one another. It goes without saying that the reasons for creating an architecture, and the scenery each one assumes, are similarly unique and diverse. And yet, the question remains, why is our world inundated with buildings that can scarcely be told apart? That simple curiosity is central to our creativity and continues to give inspiration to our business. Designing an architecture involves devising a solution that seizes a particular time, place, and set of surroundings, while also giving form to the client’s own vision. To state it boldly, each specialized solution can only be uniquely singular. Just as human existence is always on the level of the individual, rather than some overarching generality, architectural solutions as well do not lend themselves to generalness. The act of creating makes design work a process of drawing out a specialized, unique solution, tempering it with care, then seeing it come to life. Our goal is to deliver to you, our clients, singular architectural solutions unavailable anywhere else in the world. This is our creative mission.

Dual Bases

In the world’s renowned historic city of Kyoto, we have cultivated our own set of history since establishing an architect office 40 years ago. Along the way, we have had the honor of receiving high acclaim,winning numerous awards and selected international design competitions. Our offices in Taiwan and Vietnam are thriving as local architect offices, maintaining a management system based on 100% local recruitment. We are renewing our determination to move forward in architectural design work viewing the world from a broader perspective from dual bases; Japan and Asia. The powerful imagination and creativity we have been passed down from the ancient city lie in cherishing the old and adopting the new wisdom and technology.

Three Arrows

According to a well-known tale relating the words of a medieval Japanese military commander, a single arrow breaks easily, while three arrows bound together are nearly indestructible. This principle lies at the heart of our organization and business activity, through which we try to give real meaning to the tale of the Three Arrows.
For us, the first “arrow” is our client. This tenacious arrow is tempered through a strong will to follow a straight path to its target.
The second “arrow” is the peerless architect Shin Takamatsu. He is a hands-on designer, known to draft as many as several thousand sketches shoot toward the client’s their envisioned target.
And, of course, the third “arrow” is Takamatsu’s staff. Working together with their leader in one shared space, this team utilizes creativity infused with resolute determination, as well as flexibility, to take the latest technological means and use them in forging Takamatsu’s ideas into actual architecture.
Incidentally, the tale of the Three Arrows has been interpreted by some as a metaphor directed to the military commander’s three sons. However, while certainly beseeching his sons to fortify their partnership, the commander’s true intent was to convey that three strong arrows can pierce any target. For our purposes, we ardently believe that this metaphor perfectly applies to our own objective of combining three strengths to precisely strike our target of making architectural creations that are singular throughout the world.