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Fukada Denki Headquarters

The client is a general trading company established in 1921 established in Nagoya city. It is a veteran in providing electrical construction materials. In addition to selling electrical constructions materials, this company makes proactive efforts concerning the global warming problem. "Four your life, for our globe" - based on this principle, they are guiding end users to choose devices which contribute to CO2 reduction.

Their present head office building was constructed in 1958. In 1972, this building was partially renovated. More than 50 years has passed since its construction. Its deterioration continued and the seismic capacity was also doubted, so they decided to start building a new one from scratch. It started in autumn, 6 month after the great Tohoku earthquake (March, 2011).

It is situated in Nagoya city, Higashi-ku, Akatsuka cho, a calm business district which has nothing in common with the tumult of a city. It is close to Sakaea area. In the east is Shiwakabe-cho with the remains of a samurai residence, while in the west is Tokugawa-cho with its famous gardens Kaiyu-shiki-teien and Tokugawaen. The site is placed on the southwest corner of Akatsuka-cho intersection. Main roads intersect here and this crossing has a huge traffic volume. You could say that there is no better place than this one to symbolize our client&rsquos ideal: “For your life, for our globe."

On the opposite corner of the crossing is Shinmei-sha (Shinto shrine) surrounded by the so called "groove of the village shrine", a groove with large ginkgo trees, camphor tree, Japanese zelkova, red Japanese apricot trees, white Japanese apricot trees and other trees lushly green all year round. The location must have a design guided to reflect this forest as a mirror. The construction has been named "The forest of Akatsuka", so that the client and the designer will not get lost.

Site area
Building area
Total area
: Aichi JAPAN
: 4F
: 637m2
: 500m2
: 1,556m2
: office