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Kyoto Sangyo Univercity Koyama Dormitory

This is an exclusive dormitory for student athletes in Kyoto Sangyo University, a college known for its superb athletic performance in many sports.

The design actively utilizes the uniqueness of the lot which is 30m wide, 128m long, and has an elevation difference of 25m by constructing three buildings in a step-like structure, with the lower level containing facilities for life activities and sports activities such as training rooms, meeting rooms, and a cafeteria, and the upper levels containing private areas such as dorm rooms. Additionally, in order to address different requirements by sport and living patterns by students, and to contribute to the fostering of bonds and trust, activity areas for clubs were separated into two zones depending on the size of each club. This realized a functional and logical special structure that eliminates crossing lines of movement and interference of each other’s activities.

Appearance was considered carefully, as the plot existed within a scenic district with design restrictions, and as a result the following design was selected by the university. A brick outer wall, predominantly gray as gray is the color used for the university’s buildings a gabled roof featuring metal roof tiles a sharp silhouette with eaves designed to end in an acute angle. That these design features were realized as an image that symbolized the university goes without saying.

Site area
Building area
Total area
: Kyoto JAPAN
: B2F 4F
: 27,090
: 1,842
: 4,326
: dormitory