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Kyotamba Ajim no Sato

When the Tamba-Ayabe section of the Kyoto-Jukan Expressway opened in 2015, it formed “the new backbone of Kyoto Prefecture”, spanning about 100 kilometers and connecting Kyoto City to Miyazu City.
The town of Kyotamba was concerned that, when this new “backbone” was completed, there would be a sharp decrease in regular cars passing through town, which are an important contributor to the town’s economy. Therefore, they decided to construct a regional promotion facility on land adjacent to the Tamba Parking Area (temporary name), and called for participation from businesses in order to implement this project as a PPP using a DBO approach.
Next, bids were considered by a business selection committee composed of several experts, and ROOF GATE Co., Ltd., a special-purpose company composed of Kyotamba and Kyoto Prefecture businesses, including our company, was appointed to implement the project.

The conditions that the town presented to us were as clear-cut as they could possibly be. They simply asked us to create a site for exchange, a site to spread information, and a site focused on delicious food.
The answer we arrived at was equally simple. We would set up two separate buildings, one for spreading information and one focused on food, on the eastern and western sides of the location, and cover them both with a single, spacious “mother roof” measuring 82.4m by 44m, creating a space in the middle which would be positioned as a site for exchange.
We named the large gate located under the center of the mother roof, “Welcoming Gate” which connects the expressway and prefectural road, and therefore connects the town to other areas. It is a symbol that directly embodies “the style of community-based tourism” that our special-purpose company has advocated for.
The two facades along the expressway side and the local street side are themed around the silhouettes of the old traditional homes you come across in the town. We chose this design in the hope that these nostalgic images will form a new indelible scene in Kyotamba. The vast 6m space under the eaves that comprises these facades is an event space, named the “Under-the-Eaves Concourse,” and can be used in conjunction with the roof overhead.

In the past, we were responsible for continually designing a flock of the public buildings alongside National Route 9, to which the expressway connects far away by the Sea of Japan.
This complex has been called the “Route 9 Story” by the public and been popular for a long time.
With this type of past experience in mind, we strongly hope to develop this project so that it can become the first chapter of a second story.

Site area
Building area
Total area
: Kyoto JAPAN
: 1F
: 25,049m2
: 4,179m2
: 3,378m2
: Roadside Station