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Origin Ⅲ

On a narrow, 90m-deep plot, characteristic of Kyoto, the architectural plan for a headquarters building that began with Orijin I was completed with Orijin III. As a consequence, it presents two faces to two streets, giving rise to what the client calls a “double-headed dragon.” I cannot avoid mentioning that the methods adopted for this architectural design entirely validate my previous attempts. The dimensional control technique is what I call the “degenerate scale” extracted from the details of the Kyoto townscape. The “formal dynamic” is due to the kinetic formal manipulations unleashed in Ark and Pharaoh. The “spatial depth” is something that I attempt to attain in every project. The “formal strength” has been pursued with maximum deliberation, as exemplified by Origin I. A number of these inductive fruits obtained through such provisional deductive methods were instantaneously assembled and embodied in Orijin III. It was precisely such a legacy of the past accumulated on the ground that enabled my reiterated experiments with the relationships of “the correlation between the dynamism of the floor planning and the complementarity of the formal strength” and “the new datum of the horizontal axis” – a very thrilling experience for me.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Kyoto JAPAN
: B1F 3F
: 483m2
: 247m2
: 745m2
: 1986