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Hotel Ravie Kawaryo

A long standing traditional Japanese hot-spring inn in Izu Peninsula, Ito City planned to execute extension and renovation of the inn in order to intensify the capacity and to renovate creaky parts, and asked Shin Takamatsu to design. The site was extremely irregular, and parking and existing facilities occupied 60% of the site on west. Therefore, a plot of the site on east was allotted for the extension. The architect was requested to integrate functionally and effectively the extension part while maintaining smooth connection of the existing facilities and a new extended large banquet hall, huge bath, pool, restaurant, plus 44 guest rooms. Furthermore, the client required the symbolism that could sacrifice the complementation with existing facilities as extension design. Therefore, the architect faced on an antinomy subject. After seeking various plan types, 10 story building of a double core type was finally attached as the execution plan. It was because the architect solved the former subject by the rationality of the double core, and intended to respond to the symbolic proposition by enhancing formatively the specific symmetry of this type.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Shizuoka JAPAN
: 12F
: 5,029m2
: 3,159m2
: 14,364m2
: 1994