Shin Takamatsu Architect and Associates Co.,Ltd. 株式会社高松伸建築設計事務所


A well-known apparel manufacturer who has developed many shops in Japan decided to expand their business to Hokkaido. After gaining a site in Sapporo city, they designated Shin Takamatsu as the architect. The selection reason was very lucid. They thought there is no architect who is able to shape abstract fiction like brands into architecture except him. In a short, this means to make him use his magic. The site is in the center of the downtown in Sapporo city. For a shop and base office, it is the best site location. However, the frontage of the site was 5 meters width. It was a little bit narrow if this architecture is the strategic flagship shop. It was too narrow for the stage of magic. Yet, the client’s belief and ambition were not swayed at all. After reconfirming it, Shin Takamatsu found a way out by converting into a policy which thoroughly and vertically develops horizontally fastened construction. The unique form, which all floors have double floor height as usual, and which bright glass towers vertically stick into the extended figure was generated by a last resort. This architecture like a dark crevasse that suddenly appeared in the city was named “Tattoo” from the printed floral design on the bright glass towers. The architecture is a carved trace of magic in the city.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Hokkaido JAPAN
: 5F
: 89m2
: 76m2
: 453m2
: 1989