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Gotsu Community Center

Having made the decision to build a community hall, the city asked us to participate in this project right from the initial discussions about the program. Although the preliminary studies were for a theater dedicated to regional folk entertainment and music, as a result of discussions we finally agreed on a building type usually called a multipurpose hall. Having said that, there is no fixed format for a multi-purpose hall. After the 1960s, these were built one after the other in provincial cities in order to precisely correspond to all kinds of ordinary events. Simply put, they were formed by stripping away any unique characteristics, making them multi-purpose in name only, and it would be more appropriate to call them purposeless. I deliberately adhered to this purposelessness, and developed the design based on a strategy of obsessively trying to enhance it. Above all, I wanted to avoid the common situation in which a conventional multi-purpose hall overemphasizes adaptation to its various purposes and ends up as an unusable hall without any purpose. As a result, whatever purpose it is used for, the design is for a hall like a pure white canvas that necessitates a great deal of energy. I think it is precisely absence that induces presence. This is a kind of paradox.

Site area
Building area
Total area
Completion Date
: Shimane JAPAN
: B1F 3F
: 31,221m2
: 2,607m2
: 3,830m2
: 1995