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ORIGIN of Architecture

Kyoto University Press

There are as many thought as the number of architecture. Young architects, who admire the architect Shin Takamatsu, declare their persuing “ORIGIN of architecture”through their own works.


Kamakura Shunjusha

Through the Tohoku earthquake(March 11.2011),this is a story of life which “Educator”and“Architect”are formally spin now. Two young boys begin the trip for searching “a true GAKKOU (school)”.

Skyscrapers in the world Editor:Shin Takamatsu

PHP Institute Inc.

“Yes, the time you should open this book has come. Now, accumulating some amazing knowledge through each page. Someday, let's try to design an high rise building by yourself.” ・・・This is the word of Shin Takamatsu

another house

Index Communicatuions

A house which doesn’t exist but does, a house which exists but doesn’t, and the other house which exceeds space-time. This is a picture book drawn a trip seeking the house with Shin Takamatsu’s peculiar point of view. The story leads you into the other space-time without any notice when you are in search of the other house.

Architecture and Me 2

Kyoto University Press

It’s no exaggeration to say that five architects, Fumihiko Maki, Hiroshi Hara, Shinichi Okada, Teiichi Takahashi, and Kisho Kurokawa, led the creation of architectural view in the 20th century. They describe the architecture in the future while looking their past works back. This book encourages people who pursue the way of creation.

Yumeno manimani yumewo miru


This essay drifting between dreams and realities inspires all people who try to achieve their goals. Shin Takamatsu, a well known world wide architect, speaks his dream and philosophy through his point of view.

Architecture and Me

Kyoto University Press

What is possible to express the identity of architecture in the social life? For the question, five architects, Riken Yamamoto, Toshiaki Ishida, Hiroshi Naito, Yoshiaki Akasaka, and Kengo Kuma, who have sought the method through “System,” propose the theory.

Hi no Katachi

CHIKUMA SHOBO Publishing Co.,Ltd.

Architecture, which reaches the limitation, doesn’t need even the architecture-self. Now, what is “the form” which recompose the world? The author, who is known about detached architecture and stable theory, leaves far from architecture and experiences a trip and fantasy. The book contains many unpublished drawings in the book.

Bokuha tokeishokuninno youni

sumaino toshokan shuppankyoku

Shin Takamatsu’s architecture, which reminds his solid and mechanical imagination, considers his original sense of beauty rejecting any definitions. The book touches his sense with his drawings and sketches which have been established by collection of his words filling mass of metaphor.